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Article: AC Infinity Pre-Orders

AC Infinity Pre-Orders

Hi all growers

Due to increasing demand for AC Infinity tools now Saucegrowing Growshop is offering mass pre-orders for items AC Infinity constantly in pre-order or which are not available on the website. The problem we are currently facing are excessive shipping costs and customs fees, because it forces us to resell the brand tools at too high a price.

To solve the problem, 1-2 times a month we will make a big order at AC infinity, this will allow us to obtain reduced prices from the supplier, to lower the delivery costs, to increase the stock of the shop, and then to be able to resell these items to you at more democratic prices, we estimate that this way we will be able to lower the selling prices by approximately 7 to 12%.

Mass pre-orders are mainly for items whose weight makes shipping costs too high such as grow kits, lamps, THE carbon filters, mufflers and other specific ventilation tools not available on the site or the articles constantly in presale.

On the other hand, we strive to always have in stock the most requested tools such as cloudline duct fans, THE clamp fans Cloudray and other tools available on In general those are sent to you within 2 working days from the date of your order.

How it works?

Items not available on the site: You can contact us via the website's messaging service, by WhatsApp or by email to let us know your specific request and we will establish a quote.

The articles Already in presale on the site: For pre-sale items already present on the website, you can directly place your order, it will be automatically taken into account.

Then depending on the volume of orders we will proceed to the mass order at AC Infinity, so it will take between 3 weeks and 1 month of patience to be delivered.

Nevertheless pre-order items can still be delivered to you as usual within 10 days at full price.

Fees and customs clearance

For orders located in the EURO zone, customs clearance and customs fees are borne by Saucegrowing growshop.

Regarding orders located outside the EURO zone, additional costs will be required from the customs of your country.

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